Herrin – Mistress – Maîtresse Wilma

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My creativity and fantasies are limitless, even though not all of the sado- masochistic rituals can be implemented anymore in my large villa.

It is still there and will always be: The cell in the basement for chastisements and embarassing interrogations. Including a lockable cage of steel in which you want to/have to wait until the Mistress releases you – maybe, however, you will be chained to the wall until a young Domina student frees you and sticks you in the leather sleeping bag, for hours, even through the night, unable to move, tied up, until……..IMG_1245


I could also hang you up by your legs, upside down, while I or Tara and I  have coffee….you could get a peek in between my legs when I cross them, of course only if I didn’t blindfold you before!


– should you do a lousy job kissing my leather boots, it would be possible that you I hang you up on the pulley in the salon….touch you with the soldering iron, the electroshock or with a feather….
– should you do a bad job cleaning all the stairs in the house or should you not satisfy me, it could be that I will lock you in the black box, tie you up and expose you to my moods…it is always possible that I have visitors. A friend might come by, and you have to masturbate naked in front of her….or a strange man sticks his dick….or?

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Sklave Garten

Like I said, my fantasy is extensive and creative.
It is quite possible that your (secret) wishes will come true with my willingness to do so.
I have many ideas. You have many fantasies.
What scares you? What turns you on?

I love to subtly seduce my opposite and don’t mind to push all boundaries.
Combined with my large wardrobe for fetishists, my exhibitionist way of being, my presence being a mistress, my abilities, and knowing that the slave secretly loves to be the director of this game, there is no doubt in my mind that this will be an erotic dynamic playful game between you my willingness to succumb to your fantasies and my moods.
Let me surprise you.

It will be arousing, exciting, and tickling, just like the nettles in my garden.
– should you not caress my legs, wrapped in nylon stalkings, how i desire it, I might tickle you with it or I will hose you down with cold water – or would you prefer to eat my leftovers from a dog bowl?
During the summer, my covered garden serves as another play field.
Sometimes you may make a wish. Even as a slave!

Maybe you would like to see the Mistresses Tits naked. If you do a good job massaging my feet while I lasciviously sit on the fur blanket in the Boudoir, it could be that I reward you…..maybe you will find a slavegirl tied up in the black box.

– the carpet beater that hangs next to the basement door is not meant for carpets only. And imagine, the champagne that I serve you might not even be champagne. Je suis une grande pisseuse.


Would you like to meet me, WILMA MaRia?

My “love-room”. a luxury apartment on the 2nd floor of the Villa, with separate entrance – you can rent. With or without cell (dungeon) in the basement.

Schlachthof Bern

Erotic Soirées, Fetish-Parties with BDSM – Rituals in an intimate setting are still happening.
0041 79 6 35 25 44 (between 11.00 – 14.00) Initial contact please by email wilma(@)wilma.ch

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