Biography von Wilma MaRia

Born in the 1950ies under her birth Name Cornelia Maria
Convent School
1973-1976 Primary School Teacher in a small mountain village in Toggenburg (SG)
1976 Got married and gave a birth of her daughter
1977-1980 Dyslexia Therapist
Widow at age 28
1980 Studied Journalism und Communication Studies at the University in Freiburg (CH)
Since 1982 Domina under the name Wilma
Since 1982 creatively active under her artist name MaRia
Grandmother at age 42
2007 Studied Clinical Sexology at the Austrian Institute for Sexual Teachings in Vienna (A)
Travels all over the world
since 2010 I live a few months on a regular basis on Maui/Hawaii


1981 Belluard/Fri-Art, Fribourg: Performance
1990 Kunsthalle St.Moritz
1991 Galerie im Städtchen, Erlach
1998 Theater Neumarkt, Zürich: Performance
1999 by Abotsi, Bern
2000 Women prison Hindelbank; Art class and performance
2001 Projekt: Artefakte, Bern
2001-2003 Fri-Art-Ball, Fribourg: Performance
2005-2011 Art-Position, Murten
2009 Galerie peripherie-arts, Ittingen/ Bern
2011 büro discount, Zürich
2012/2015 Art-Positon, Fribourg
2015 Erotica3 – swiss art space Lausanne